The “Terre de Dragons"

Outdoor and Family activities in Sud-Vienne-Poitou

This is where the real adventure is!  The “Terre de Dragons” allows you to observe crocodilians and a variety of exotic plants in their natural habitat.

In an entirely recreated tropical climate, with colours and a temperature worthy of the most beautiful tropical islands, we can experience the thrills and the pleasure of discovering the tastes and the perfumes of certain arboricultural varieties, such as cotton trees with their natural cotton, papaya trees, banana trees, mango trees, guava trees and avocado trees. In this 5000 m² tropical greenhouse, many animals live side by side: crocodiles, chameleons, turtles, snakes and even bearded dragons...

During your visit, you will be able to be present at "wild encounters" such as crocodile feeding, and presentations of snakes and of chameleons and their skins; you will be able to meet the amazing pogona, and learn from botanists, etc.

New for the summer season 2018: you can visit the “Terre de Dragons” in suspended nets installed safely above the crocodile ponds! But you mustn’t suffer from vertigo, and if you are not comfortable on these suspended nets, you will be able to rejoin the conventional tour during your visit.