Tèrra Aventura

Outdoor and Family activities in Sud Vienne Poitou

Spotlight on Tèrra Aventura « a new generation treasure hunt »

Tèrra Aventura is a growing phenomenon in the world of tourism that already attracted 1,700,000 players in 2019 !

It is an original geocaching activity in Nouvelle-Aquitaine for everyone !

Tèrra Aventura is above all a thrilling universe that allows you to discover the heritage and resources of Sud Vienne Poitou, territory labeled country of art and history.

Will You be ready to become Tèrr’adventurers?

The 100 % free application offers fun walks surrounded by nature or in charming villages, it guides you step by step to remarkable points, nice views, unusual passages ... where puzzles are asked. If all the answers are right, it will lead you to the treasure, the coveted Holy Grail called “the cache”. This “cache” contains Poï'z, collectible personified badges ! The quest is so exciting that even the smallest forget the number of kilometers traveled !

With the App nothing could be easier !

You just have to download the free application translated into several languages and create an account. The app will open doors to more than 400 trails.

The app is available on Google Play and in the App Store.

All trails have a specific map that gives an estimated time, indications on the difficulty of the terrain, the difficulty of questions, information about the circuit: accessibility (bike, stroller...), theme, location.

You don’t have a smartphone ? Don’t worry, a roadmap is available at the Tourist Office.

Sud Vienne Poitou Trails

Already 4 trails in Sud Vienne Poitou have been released in 2019, with nearly 20,000 adventurers who came especially to our territory to conquer the POI'z ! A real success !

Some tips to conquer the POI'z
  • Always download data and keep checking the map of the course at home !

On site, even without a network, the application and GPS will work. The app is available 24 hours a day !

  • Go where the wind blows means to wear at least a good pair of shoes, a backpack and a bottle of water !


  • On the trail, respect the environment. You can also collect waste to get the zecolo badge at the Tourist Office, this Poï'z rewards the adventurers with eco-citizen gestures.


  • When you discover the cache: keep a low profile ! Collect a maximum of 1 badge per person, note the mystery word written on the book and post a comment to validate the circuit.


  • In return you can leave a small personal item in the bottle, a team badge and also write a word in the log book.


  • Always think about putting the bottle back in its place !


  • If the GPS coordinates of the treasure are displayed in red or orange, before using your joker : reread all the questions carefully. The Puzzles are sometimes very twisted, so be observant and focus on the course !

The POI'z deserve it !

  • Something wrong ? Please inform the Tourist Office.