La Triple Promesse du Sud Vienne Poitou

The cultural diversity of the Sud-Vienne-Poitou

A heritage steeped in history (Prehistory, Antiquity, the Middle Ages, etc.) with its prehistoric monuments, its dolmens, its Gallo-Roman remains, its numerous priories, abbeys and castles without forgetting its first-rate pictorial legacy and its well-preserved vernacular heritage, etc. The promise of true cultural diversity awaits you!

Adrenalin in Sud-Vienne-Poitou

An attractive range of gentle and contemplative activities for lovers of "sport and nature", complemented by "fun" and unusual disciplines that are not easy to find elsewhere: bungee jumping, a diving pit, water skiing, kayaking, 4X4, ULM, climbing, etc. The promise of thrills that can only be found in Sud-Vienne-Poitou!

Outdoor and family activities in Sud-Vienne-Poitou

Located between the Poitou, Berry and Limousin regions, “Destination Sud-Vienne-Poitou” offers you a region with a diverse natural heritage, in which water is ever-present, and in which there are many activity centres that welcome people of all ages... The promise of happy family memories!