La Vienne

"Au Pays du Futuroscope"

The departement of the Vienne is the perfect place for your holiday because it will suit everybody’s requirements.

Angles sur l'Anglin

Located 17 km from Saint-Savin in the direction of La-Roche-Posay, the village of Angles-sur-l'Anglin is classified amongst the most beautiful villages in France. Its picturesque steep and narrow streets will provide you with remarkable views. The interpretation centre at the “Roc aux Sorciers” site uses an innovative and playful approach to help you explore the carved rock shelter, an exceptional prehistoric site from 15000 years ago. The impressive 11th century fortress at Angles- sur-l'Anglin will allow you to enjoy a splendid panorama of the Anglin valley from a height of over 40 metres. Do not leave without admiring the handiwork of the "Jours d’Angles" (embroidery using the “pulled thread” technique).

La Roche-Posay

Located 30 km north of Saint-Savin, the thermal spa town of La Roche-Posay offers you a heritage marked by the history of hydrotherapy. For more than five centuries, the thermal waters of La Roche-Posay have been recognized for their beneficial effect on skin diseases.

The medieval town of Chauvigny

Located 8 km from Valdivienne, the medieval town of Chauvigny, labelled amongst the "most beautiful detours in France", has a wealth of sites for you to explore: the Collegial Church of Saint Pierre (a jewel of Romanesque art with numerous geometric patterns and sculptures), the 12th century Dungeon of Gouzon (which contains an area on 4 levels devoted to industrial archaeology, highlighting the history of industries in the Chauvin region), the museum of popular customs and archaeology (designed around 1960 and housed in the former presbytery of the Collegial Church of Saint Pierre), Harcourt Castle (the best preserved castle in the Chauvin region), and many other surprises await you.

"Les Géants du Ciel"

Located 8 km from Valdivienne, the “Géants du Ciel” (“Giants of the Sky”) welcomes its visitors in the open amphitheatre of the Château des Evêques, which offers a superb panoramic view of the town, a remarkable asset for the falconry show. Eagles, marabouts, storks, parrots, vultures, falcons, etc. fly around and you can admire these rare and amazing birds.

"Le Vélorail"

The Vélorail track is located just 8 km from Valdivienne — have fun pedalling a strange machine for 17 km (round trip) on an old railway track which was formerly used to convey men and goods. There are splendid views over the river Vienne and the medieval town. It is both an energetic and a relaxing activity that the whole family will enjoy.

Touffou castle in Bonnes

Located 14 km from Valdivienne, the castle of Touffou majestically overlooks the river Vienne. During your visit, you will visit the bedroom of François I with its frescos, the guards' room, the chapel, the kitchen and even the former bakery. You can also visit its wonderful gardens which have been listed as remarkable since 2004.

Futuroscope theme park in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou

Located 35 km from Valdivienne, Futuroscope theme park invites you to visit its 25 attractions based on multimedia, cinema, audiovisuals and robotics. Experience new and extreme thrills through these captivating attractions!

Le Cormenier in Champniers

Located 18 km from Usson-du-Poitou, in the direction of Civray, Le Cormenier is a multisensorial scenographic tour; guided by Paillou and “le petit Pierre”, you can relive peasant life in the 19th century. You will experience different scenes, smells and special effects. At the end of the tour, you can reflect on the 30 glorious years from 1945 to 1975 that marked the transition to the consumer society.

The Abbey of Saint-Sauveur in Charroux

Located 13 km from Pressac, the Abbey of Saint-Sauveur in Charroux was one of the richest and most important monasteries in Poitou in Romanesque times. It was built at the end of the 8th century under the responsibility and rule of Saint Benoit. Protected by Carolingian sovereigns and endowed with treasure, it quickly became an important monastic centre. Harbouring many relics (including one of the True Cross), it is also a place of pilgrimage. Its famous octagonal tower known as Charlemagne's Tower, its remarkable Gothic sculptures and its treasure place it amongst the most significant Poitou monuments dating from the Middle Ages.

The “Vallée des Singes” in Romagne

Located 20 km from Usson-du-Poitou, the “Vallée des Singes” (monkey valley) is a zoological garden with more than 30 species of primates where the animals live freely — there are no cages or fences. The monkeys wander around on about fifteen large islands surrounded by small rivers which serve as natural borders. You can witness the daily feeding times and enjoy the special relationship the zookeepers share with the monkeys. Children can also enjoy getting up close to the goats and sheep on the little farm.

The Historic City of Poitiers

Located 45 km west of Saint-Savin, the city of Poitiers has a wealth of history, culture and charm for you to discover. Romanesque art is everywhere— in its alleys and in its squares, and the natural environment is present in its parks and gardens. Its relaxed lifestyle adds to the pleasure of exploring this city baptized "city of the hundred steeples".

The "Labyrinthe Végétal" in Romagne

Located 20 km west of Usson-du-Poitou, the "Labyrinthe végétal" Situé à 20 km d'Usson-du-Poitou, le Labyrinthe Végétal proposes you four routes(courses) of discovery : "Laby'Bois", "Laby'Herbe", "Laby-Arbustes" and "Laby'Maïs".