Come and hike in the Sud-Vienne-Poitou: it’s full of surprises!

Human activities, its flora and fauna, its rivers, its agriculture and livestock, its past activities and its historical richness have all shaped the diverse and varied landscapes of this region.

Anything is possible here: from a little tour of the villages or hiking, mountain biking or horse riding for several kilometres, to cycling tours or car tours: it's up to you. But first pick up a guidebook from one of our information points. There are no less than 1500 km of marked trails available to you!

Cyclists can take off on one of the “Fédération de Randonnée de la Vienne” tours of the Sud-Vienne-Poitou: choose from the "La Vallée de la Vienne" and the "Circuit de l'art roman".


You can also take advantage of the interpretive trails in the Sud-Vienne-Poitou:

“Sur les chemins de Juillé” … in Saulgé

Starting from the Montmorillon ecomuseum, this 3.2 km shady trail will allow you to explore historical and cultural themes, such as the "pescherie" of Juillé or the ancient castle of La Motte Charon with its 6 information boards. It  also raises awareness about the environment, woodland and the importance of ecological corridors.

“Histoires d’eaux” … in Le Vigeant

Starting from the town hall square and shaded by large trees, this 6.5 km trail with its 6 water-related information boards will introduce you to springs, fountains, a pond and a mill, the uses of water past and present and the need to protect it.

Nature and sustainable development … in Adriers

Starting from the church square, this 3.5 km trail with its 6 panels will introduce you to the architectural and natural heritage and also provides information on municipal achievements in favour of sustainable development (an ecological water treatment plant, wind farms, etc.), quality of life, and help for people with disabilities.

“Voyages entre Poitou et Berry” … in Liglet

From the hamlet of Jemelle, you have three options: the complete tour (8.5km), the circuit (3.5km) via the spring at Glandon and Marcilly or the circuit (5km) via the former railway and Courtevrault.

With help from the 7 information boards, you will discover that, over time, the inhabitants of Liglet have lived near a "frontier" that needed defending, was then transgressed, and finally crossed in a spirit of economic and social openness. This path allows you to discover the history and environment of Liglet and gives access to the Brenne Regional Nature Reserve.

The “Grandes Brandes” … in Lussac-Les-Châteaux 

Located on the road to Saint-Savin, the “Grandes Brandes” will take you back in time to the days when grinding stones were extracted. This interpretive trail remains unique and introduces you to the history, characteristics, landscape, and the flora and fauna of this exceptional natural heritage. The atmosphere is mysterious and captivating!

“Les confidences de Mauprévoir” … in Mauprévoir

The route this path takes will allow you to discover the true, surprising and amusing history of a small village in a leafy setting in the south Vienne. Sixteen wall boards and reading tables decorated with old photographs and specially designed drawings illustrate these little stories of life in the countryside.

“Le sentier des sous roches” … in Queaux 

Located in the heart of the village, this trail presents many remarkable sights (springs, screes, rocks and hundred-year- old trees). Its three circuits, each with information boards identifying the plants and trees, and with a hide for observing the fauna, allow you to learn about the wealth of the Caïocaine environment.

“Le chemin des planètes”  … in Valdivienne

Explore the solar system by taking the planets' trail (21 to 25 km). Valdivienne is proud to welcome (on a scale of 10°) the major stars of our solar system.

“Le sentier du Village Flottant”  … in Pressac

The Floating Village site is a rich natural environment where you can observe the flora and fauna. 

Around the lake, there is an educational trail which will allow you to discover the local plants and animals: roe deer, birds, herons, etc.

“Le circuit historique”  … in L’Isle-Jourdain

Explore the history of L'Isle-Jourdain through various explanatory boards: the squares, the old station, the viaduct, the bridge, the church, etc. Each board is also translated into English.

“Le parcours patrimoine”  … in Availles-Limouzine

You can explore the ancient village of Availles-Limouzine via its" Sentiers et Venelles", a waymarked route through its delightful old streets. Illustrations are provided on five heritage information boards.

“Le parcours patrimoine”  … in La Trimouille

A heritage route with explanatory boards will allow you to discover the architectural treasures of La Trimouille: the convent of the Clarisses, the various 15th century houses, the mill of Gersant, the church of Saint Pierre, etc.

“La Promenade du Valet de Cœur”  … in Montmorillon

Explore Montmorillon guided by Lahire (Le Valet de Coeur), former lord of Montmorillon and Captain to Joan of Arc. (A booklet is available at the Préface in Montmorillon for €2).

Tips for the Sud-Vienne-Poitou: wear good walking shoes and we strongly recommend that you respect the areas you walk through.

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