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  • The Arboretum, located in the municipality of La Bussière, is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

    Tips for the Sud-Vienne-Poitou: if you wish to taste the apple juice from the conservatory orchard, please go to the town hall reception desk where you will find the bottled apple juice on sale.

    That little extra something : the La Bertholière recreation ground, which is located nearby, includes a picnic area and a children’s playground. Tables and barbecues are also provided.

    The Arboretum in La Bussière

    There are several remarkable places to be found in the municipality of La Bussière, close to the VVF at La Bertholière and the recreation ground.
    There is the Arboretum which contains 850 trees and shrubs. It is divided into two sections: the first overlooks the Gartempe Valley and is an extension of the recreation ground. The second section of the Arboretum is perpendicular to the river and borders the Village Vacances Famille.
    In addition to the Arboretum, a pleasant garden is located between the playing fields and the Village Vacances Famille. This garden includes a few fruit trees and a collection of fragrant roses and peonies.
    On the opposite side of the garden is a conservatory orchard, in which visitors can discover and appreciate a hundred ancient varieties of apple and pear trees.
    Visitors can enjoy the setting and the tranquility of the place.
    You may wander around each section, but picking and collecting fruit from the orchard is forbidden. Every year, the municipality harvests and sells the fruit on the third weekend of October.
    These areas are literally situated in the heart of the countryside and deserve to be treated with respect.
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