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Marine B.

An imaginary continent with 200 specimens and 1000 plants !

Test the discovery on the net suspended over animals ...

The experience was not at all what I expected!

The “Planète Crocodiles” in Civaux is all about experiencing magical and unforgettable moments with the family!

To be honest, I’m not into adventure and I dread ever finding myself in front of a reptile. In fact I can’t bear the thought of reptiles so imagine how I felt about meeting crocodiles! When the kids said they wanted to go there, let me tell you that I wasn’t at all keen. When the kids and my partner Jonathan insisted, I eventually gave in but the whole idea gave me the heebie-jeebies. If you suffer from a phobia yourself, you’ll be able to imagine the state I was in.

It’s quite incredible !

The whole place gives you the opportunity to take time and to breathe, and to enjoy observing nature. It’s an amazing adventure! You enter a giant conservatory and get the feeling you’re living a fantastic adventure in the middle of a rainforest. There are various species of exotic plants blooming, and you can even taste the flavours and smell the scents of the fruit growing on some of the plants. There are cotton plants with their natural cotton, papaya trees, banana trees, mango trees and other varieties of these kinds of plants.

I was completely thrown by everything I saw. This wasn’t at all what I had imagined! Everything was very colourful. I fell under its spell, completely overwhelmed.

Stroking the chameleons ...

In a large, entirely secure, environmentally-friendly pond surrounded by plants and with warm water kept at a constant temperature, you will find various species of crocodiles. This micro-environment has been especially created to respect the animals’ quality of life and their reproduction. And a bit further on, in an area covered in fine white sand, you can take the opportunity to witness life in a small community of turtles, and to see chameleons, which will delight everyone, both young and old! On top of that, Zoé and Matéo, our 10- and 7-year-olds, loved the crocodile feeding demonstration given by Yohann (who works there and takes great care of them). They also liked stroking the chameleons that were constantly changing colour.

The "Wallaby Café"

So that we could appreciate how the place functions, we were allowed to go backstage and see the extent of the organisation behind it.

We really enjoyed the restaurant, where the kids relished the pastries and where Jonathan and I savoured the tapas!

Marine B.

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