3 days - 2 nights trip to discover Sud Vienne Poitou and the Golden Triangle of the Vienne.

Day 1

The Vienne' historical "Triangle d'Or"

Named by Francis Picard about 4 years ago, the Vienne’ historical Triangle d’Or (or « Golden Triangle ») is located between the cities of Chauvigny, SaintSavin and Angles-sur-l’Anglin.​


This immersive day will be the opportunity for you to discover Angles-sur-l’Anglin, registered as one of the Greatest Village of France (Les Plus Beaux Villages de France) because of its medieval castle and its charming picturesque streets. For years, lots of artisans have decided to settle in the village’s lanes. You will be able to enjoy their productions by entering the various shops on your way.

During the summer, don’t miss the presentation of the « Jours d’Angles » technique, a traditional craftmanship created in the village during the XIXth century that has had glorious days until the 50’s. Nowadays, only the village’s deans know how to practice the Jours d’Angles.

The unmissable Chauvigny !

You have 2 options for lunch : 

1ère option : On the domain of the Saint-Savin Abbey, have a lunch in Le Cérasus restaurant.

• 52 bis. Place de la Libération, 86310 Saint-Savin

2ème option : Hit the road to Chauvigny and eat in Le Gaston restaurant. Enjoy the taste of a 100% homemade cooking, to enjoy in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

• 8 rue de Geisenheim, 86300 Chauvigny 


Be delighted by the visit of Chauvigny, a city registered among the Greatest Detour of France (Plus Beaux Détours de France) with its medieval town composed of five castle set at the top of a rocky promontory.

Then, why not go for a 2 hours long bike trip along the ancient railway ? Among patrimony and nature, discover this path of 17 km, for a peaceful (but athletic !) moment with the Vélorail.

• 10 Rue de la Folie, 86300 Chauvigny

Jour 2

Golden Triangle & the "Vallée des Fresques"

Starting point of “La Vallée des Fresques” , the Saint-Savin Abbey, registered at the UNESCO World Heritage’s list for its murals from the XIth and XIIth centuries, that built its reputation to be the « Sixtine Chapel of Roman art ». Multimedia interpretation center, monk’s places of living, dining hall, gardens… All of the Abbey’s secrets await to be discovered !

• Place de la Libération, 86310 Saint-Savin


Continue to follow La Vallée des Fresques with an experienced guide to discover the somptuous paintings of the monuments on your way. Several group prices are available to match your envies, and are listed on the Saint-Savin Abbey website

• Guided tour only on summertime, informations on opening days and visit at : 05 49 84 30 00

Donk'ly yours...

A quick jump to Pindray in order to visit the donkey farm of the « Grandes Z’Oreilles », where Alice and Nicolas will be pleased to share with you their know-how on breeding and production of handmade soaps.

• 6 rue des vieilles vignes, 86500 Pindray


For your lunch, stop at the famous gastronomic table of the Lucullus Restaurant, in the city of Montmorillon. The chef Alban Galpin can also offer you a menu with local product, in a bistro version. 

 • 4 Boulevard de Strasbourg, 86500 Montmorillon 

The "Cité de l'Écrit et des Métiers du Livre"

In the afternoon, wander in the medieval streets of the Cité de l’Écrit and encounter book sellers, or other book artisants. Particularly, meet Sylvie Edeline, who practices poterie and calligraphy in her workshop, the ARTelier de la Gartempe.

• 1 Rue Bernard Harent, 86500 Montmorillon

Day 3

Morthemer village

Not far away from Lussac-les-Châteaux is the little village of Morthemer, part of the Valdivienne municipality. There, you are free to discover along your walk the 2 main monuments : the castle and the collegiat, overhanging the village.

Do you want another fun way to discover Morthemer ? You can download the smartphone app Tèrra Aventura and enjoy the course « The Curse of the Golden Lady ».

Little tips : Try to download the path’s informations before you arrive in the village !

The Deer Valley

At noon, hit the road towards Luchapt to savor the products of the farm La Vallée des Cerfs.

Here, enjoy a free access path to observe the farm’s animals : deers, cows, sheeps, horses, dokeys, llamas… Then, go for a drive on a horse carriage and discover all the secrets of this ancient practice.

• Chez Mairine, 86430 Luchapt. Infos et réservation : 06 85 55 31 06

Where to stay during your trip ?

Quelques idées d'hébergement pour passer un séjour d'exception chez nous : 

La Ferme en Terre – Gîte Le Monde, 15 people max.

La Bodétrie, 86310 La Bussière


La Brasserie, Chambre d’hôte - 5 people max.

La Brasserie, 86500 Saulgé

=> Formule petit-déjeuner.


• La Vallée des Cerfs – Gîte le noyer, 8 people max.

Chez Mairine, 86430 Luchapt


Le Point du Jour - Gîte, 9 people max

2 avenue du Général de Gaulle, 86310 Saint-Savin